Coldwater Seafood, LLC  Market & Smokehouse

Stonington, Maine

The Smoked Mussels here at  Coldwater Seafood have  become our signature product.  We smoke them in house with great care to get the right balance of smoke and texture. The current flavors are Plain, Honey Mustard, Salsa, Chipotle, as well as Garlic and Olive Oil.

Live Lobster

In our fresh seafood market we offer an always changing assortment! With fresh deliveries 3-5 days a week you can count on the freshness of our Haddock, Cod, Tuna, Sword, Flounder, wild as well as farm raised Salmon. While in season we also carry local caught Halibut, Scallops, & other fish. We always have fresh local dug clams for sale!

Five minute from the busy harbor of Stonington, Coldwater Seafood Market & Smokehouse is a family owned business that takes great pride in the traditions of this area.

Always Fresh Fish

The crabs we use are sold directly to us by our local fisherman. Our crabmeat is picked fresh daily by our experienced pickers. We sell this in our retail market and also wholesale to restaurants, dealers, and grocery stores.

Our Products:

Smoked Mussels

Live & Steamed Lobsters

Smoked Mussels

A New Generation of Seafood

Fresh Picked Crabmeat

Fresh Fish Market

Smoked Haddock Pate

Fresh Local Crabmeat

Fresh Seafood & Smoked Mussels in Stonington, Maine

Coldwater Seafood Market & Smokehouse is located in the # 1 lobster port in the State of Maine! So yes we sell live lobster here! It is supah convenient to just stop in and grab your lobsters instead of flagging down a lobsterman. Our prices are also competitive. We also offer steamed lobster as well as pre-picked. We ship nationwide as well.